smosun Carbon Fiber Insoles - Boost Explosive Power and Bounce, Arch Support, Shock Absorption, Injury Prevention, Alleviate Foot Pain (M(Men's and Teens's 6-7.5 / Women's 7-8.5))

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: 2022/6/16

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Enhance Sports Performance: SMOSUN Carbon Fiber Insoles incorporate unique carbon fiber spring plates that optimize biomechanics, effectively increasing explosive power and bounce during sports activities, making each step a powerful stride. Ergonomic Design: With a newly developed arch support design based on foot ergonomics, these insoles provide perfect arch support, reducing foot fatigue and keeping you comfortable throughout your workouts. Alleviate Foot Pain: The distinctive heel indentation design greatly reduces foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, providing relief from foot pain and ensuring the health of your feet. Efficient Shock Absorption: The forefoot section is equipped with thickened, shock-absorbing foam, offering strong cushioning for your feet, effectively alleviating impact during movements and protecting your joints and ligaments. Customized Comfort: These insoles can be trimmed to fit different shoe sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your shoes. Additionally, the deep U-heel design prevents ankle sprains, keeping you safe during sports activities.


Carbon Fiber Shock Absorbing Sneaker Insoles

carbon fiber shrapnel

arch support

plantar fasciitis, bone spurs

Thickened Foam

Aviation grade carbon fiber shrapnel:

It adopts high-quality carbon fiber material, which is durable and has excellent elasticity. which can effectively increase the explosive force and jumping force during exercise by optimizing the dynamics of the foot, so that you can jump higher and every step is full of strength. It can also increase the sensitivity and reaction speed of the feet, improve the effect of movements, and is suitable for various sports.

The new arch support design is different from the traditional arch support

According to the principles of foot ergonomics, we precisely fit the arch of the foot and provide it with all-round support, effectively reducing foot fatigue and allowing you to keep moving during exercise. Stay comfortable.

Exclusive rounded depression design:

Greatly reduces foot pain from problems like plantar fasciitis and bone spurs, it provides comfort, stability and shock absorption.

SMOSUN insole adopts a surprising and innovative design

especially thickened the shock-absorbing foam in the forefoot area, just like putting soft clouds on the soles of your feet! It can effectively reduce the impact during exercise, protect your precious joints and ligaments, and make you feel comfortable and free every time you step.

 Aviation grade carbon fiber shrapnel

The new insole with rounded depression design in the heel area offers the following features and benefits:

1. Reduce plantar fasciitis and bone spurs and other foot problems: The circular depression design can provide extra support and cushioning, reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet, thereby reducing the occurrence of painful problems such as plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.

2. Increased comfort and stability: The circular depression design conforms to the anatomy of the human foot, which can better adapt to the shape of the heel, provide more comfortable and stable foot support, and reduce foot fatigue.

3. Provide good shock-absorbing effect: The insole with circular depression design has good shock-absorbing effect, which can disperse the impact force from walking and sports, reduce the pressure on the foot, and protect the ligaments and joints of the foot.


Running, Walking

Working, Standing All Day

Hiking, Travelling, Climbing

Play Basketball,Jumping

Excellent cushioning and shock absorption, high rebound resilience, absorbs shock and reduces muscle fatigue in your feet, knees and lower back.

Running, Walking

Memory foam insoles providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption, arch support,great for running, walking.

Working, Standing All Day

These shoes insoles high rebound resilience make your feet feel like walking on clouds, great for standing in place or standing / walking all day, especially for hard surfaces.

Hiking, Travelling, Climbing

Have this shoes inserts, you will not be afraid of long way Hiking, Travelling, Climbing.

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